Victim Care and Advice.

If you have been a victim of crime, the Victim Care and Advice Service is available to you if you feel you would benefit from some additional support at a difficult time.  Our staff provide a free, independent and confidential service that will respond to your personal circumstances helping you to cope with the initial impact and make a full recovery.

The service responds to individual needs at any point in the journey to recovery and is available when the time is right.   For most people this will be in the immediate aftermath of the crime being committed but for some the full impact may not be evident until later.

Equally, family and friends play a vital role in addressing the emotional and practical impact and they too are welcome to contact the Victim Care and Advice Service if they need advice or additional assistance.

In some circumstances, victims prefer not to report a crime to the Police.  This is a personal decision but it does not exclude you from accessing the support of Victim Care and Advice Service.