VCAS Process

Whilst providing support to victims of crime the Victim Care Officer will listen to comments made by the victim. If they indicate that there are questions to ask the offender, such as: –

  • They would like an explanation from the offender,
  • They would like to know why the offence took place,
  • They would like reassurance from the offender to satisfy themselves that the crime will not happen again,
  • They have any other questions that they would like answering by the offender,
  • They would they like an apology from the offender,

or alternatively

  • If there is something that they would like to say to the offender

then Restorative Justice may be a consideration

In such circumstances the Victim Care Officer will explain the principles of Restorative Justice and ask if the victim would like a referral to be made to a Restorative Justice Coordinator who will make initial enquiries to establish if the offence has been detected and if a restorative approach would be suitable.

If the victim would like more time to consider this then arrangements can be made to make contact with them at a later date.

The Restorative Justice Coordinator will arrange for the offender to be contacted and an assessment made as to the suitability of the process. Where it is deemed appropriate the Restorative Justice Coordinator will make further contact with the victim and discuss the options available to them. The victim will then decide on the course of action that they would like to take. The Victim Care Officer will provide support to the victim throughout the process if needed.

A short film (see above) has been prepared that contains interviews with three people that were a victim of a crime who have been through a Restorative Justice conference with their offender. It is hoped that the film will provide more information and reassurance to those who are considering the option to go through the Restorative Justice process and will help to make an informed decision.

For further advice on Restorative Justice please contact: –

The Victim Care and Advice Service

Telephone: 0303 040 1099


Durham Restorative Justice Hub

Telephone: 0300 003 1818



Cleveland Restorative Justice Coordinator

Telephone: 01642 303309