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Care, advice and support for victims of crime
across Cleveland, County Durham and Darlington.

9am - 5pm Monday - Friday



The Victim Care and Advice Service will use your donation to: –

  • Prevent crime
  • Reduce the risk of a person becoming a repeat victim of crime
  • Provide reassurance to those that may feel vulnerable and fear repeat victimisation

Previous VCAS donations have been used to purchase: –

  • Worry Monsters for children and young people to write down their worries and feed them to the Worry Monster to take them away.   This enables parents to understand the fears of their children and provide support to aid their recovery.
  • Call blockers for elderly and vulnerable victims of fraud that are being repeatedly targeted by telephone fraudsters.  
  • Crime prevention and reassurance products such as personal alarms, window and door alarms, TV simulators, padlocks, segment timers

Call Blocker Comment: We are delighted, we can answer the phone knowing we are safe. I used to jump every time the phone rang and now I feel 100% comfortable and I just want to say thank you for everything your service has done for me

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