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Claire - School Bullying

Case Summary

Clair was a 16-year-old student who was performing well at school and was studying hard for her GCSE’s in May/June that year.

Clair was bright gregarious individual who was expected to do well in her exams, continue on at school and complete her A levels before going to University.

Clair’s life changed when she was violently assaulted in the school yard by three other pupils, whilst her injuries only amounted to bruising and grazing the non-physical impacts of this crime were much more significant.

The reason for the attack is unclear but believed to be motivated by jealousy.

Her ability to concentrate was affected, she was frightened to attend school, she suffered panic attacks, feared re-victimisation and lacked confidence in her ability to sit her exams.

Whilst working with Clair she also disclosed that she had previously witnessed Domestic Violence upon her mother and had also herself been subject to abuse in a recent relationship.


Clair received immediate emotional support and was given a number of coping strategies. Through engagement with the school extra support was provided during examination time and appropriate referrals were made to local services including Talking Changes(IAPT) and Harbour(DV)

Clair successfully completed her exams however has now chosen a different approach to her future now being successfully engaged on an apprenticeship scheme.

Client Comment

VCAS helped and supported me through a difficult time, you made a difference in my life that I will always remember