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Derek - Fraud

Case Summary

Derek who is an 83 year old man was the victim of a long term fraud by an individual whom he believed was a friend. Over a period of 4 years this ‘so called’ friend defrauded Derek of in excess of £25,000. The offender would use Derek’s goodwill to obtain credit he otherwise would not have got and to obtain numerous mobile phone contracts in the name of the victim and which were paid for by the victim. Derek always believed, mistakenly, that the offender would pay back all the monies owed, the offender had no such intention.

The offender was arrested by the police, he admitted the fraud and cautioned as Derek had no desire to take the case before a court.

VCAS contacted Derek and he asked for support to help him cope and recover from the experience he had gone through.


A VCAS Victim Care Officer visited Derek at home where he was able to talk about what had happened and how it had affected him.

VCAS were able to provide Derek with crime prevention advice and provide coping strategies around betrayal and the self blame that Derek was experiencing. VCAS referred Derek to the local Restorative Justice Hub and this allowed Derek to get answers from the offender that helped him understand why the offender had acted in the way he had, VCAS provided support all the way through this process.

The Victim Care Officer helped Derek open a new and safer bank account and supported him in seeking compensation from the mobile phone company.