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George - Robbery

Case Summary

George who is a 71 year old man was assaulted and then robbed whilst away from his home. During the assault he was punched to the face causing him to fall which resulted in him breaking his arm. Following the assault the offenders searched through the victim’s pockets looking for items of value.

VCAS contacted George following his release from hospital and it was identified that he felt scared in his home and was generally struggling to cope.


A VCAS Victim Care Officer visited George at home providing him with the opportunity to talk about the issues affecting him.

Arrangements were made during the initial visit to make a GP appointment and commence support for his general health.

VCAS were able to provide George with security items to make him feel safer at home and arranged for a more comprehensive crime prevention survey to be completed.

The offenders had been identified by the police and were to attend court. George was provided with support through that court process resulting in the offenders receiving substantial prison sentences.

During a further visit with George VCAS were able to provide information that enabled the opportunity to seek Criminal Injuries Compensation.