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Margaret - Burglary

Case Summary

Margaret who is a 74 year old lady who was the victim of a burglary at her home. The offender(s) had smashed their way into Margaret’s home through a window in her conservatory. Whilst inside the house the offenders made an untidy search and stole items of jewellery and some cash. The police were called however the offenders have not been identified.

VCAS contacted Margaret and she said that the burglary to her home had ‘knocked her for six’. Margaret requested that VCAS provide her with support to help her cope and recover from the crime against her.


A VCAS Victim Care Officer visited Margaret  at home where she was able to talk about what had happened and how it had affected her.

VCAS were able to provide Margaret with advice with regard to the security of her home and herself, security cameras were fitted to the outside of her house making Margaret feel safer whilst at home.

Margaret described her mood as low and stated that she was was not sleeping at night. She sought support from her GP and VCAS were able to provide self help guides with regard to her low mood. Margaret found these guides useful and effective.

Client Comment

Gave me courage and made feel at ease. Gadgets were very useful but the most important thing was the time and care they gave me. Listening and reassuring me.