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Mary - Criminal Damage

Case Summary

August 2016, Mary was a 70-year-old female living alone following the passing of her husband a few months earlier.

Mary reported to the police that an unknown person had caused damage to her metal railing fence by bending it out of shape.

VCAS contacted Mary and it was identified that she was in poor health, felt very isolated, had very little money and poor management of what she did have. As a result of her fence being damaged and local youths ‘hanging around’ she felt that she may be further victimised.

She had very little if any support around her.



Mary received immediate emotional support giving her the opportunity to talk about the issues affecting her.

Arrangements were made during the initial visit to make a GP appointment and commence support for her ill-health.

Age UK provided support with regard to the financial concerns and Mary has now been on a ‘day out’ with Age UK and enjoyed the experience and is now arranging further engagement with other groups supported by that organisation.

Security lighting outside her home has been funded and fitted and a dummy CCTV has been fitted which has given Mary greater confidence when alone in her home.

Client Comment

Mary explained that she is ‘over the moon’ with the support provided and hoped that what had been done would prevent any further issues.