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Care, advice and support for victims of crime
across Cleveland, County Durham and Darlington.

9am - 5pm Monday - Friday


Other Services


Aapna Services Ltd is a registered charity and aims to promote social inclusion for the public benefit by working with people from ethnic minority background who are socially excluded on the grounds of their ethnicity, religion, belief or creed by providing a local network group that encourages and enables the people to participate more effectively with the wider community.

Action Fraud

Action fraud is the national reporting centre for fraud and internet crime. The website provides information on how to report if you have been scammed, defrauded or experienced cybercrime as well as on how to protect yourself.


Age UK – Branches in Durham and Teesside

Working in partnership with VCAS to support vulnerable members of the older community.


Arch North East

Arch North East is a registered charity that offers free and confidential counselling and support to people aged 14 and over, who have been affected by rape and sexual abuse at any time in their lives. Whether you have been a direct victim, or it has affected your partner or your family, Arch North East can offer support.

Arch North East have a team of trained Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA) who can provide practical support and advice. The ISVA will also be there to support you throughout the case, if it goes to court.



This pioneering initiative, based in Middlesbrough works to enable young people to exit and recover from sexual exploitation.


The Brake helpline provides support for UK residents in the following circumstances:

  • if you have been bereaved or seriously injured in a crash
  • if you are caring for someone bereaved or seriously injured in a crash
  • if you are a professional, such as a police officer, teacher or health worker, wanting advice about how to help people affected by a crash



The CHIT CHAT project was the brainchild of East Durham Health Network and sees local volunteers, being recruited and trained to provide a valuable service which will undoubtedly contribute to the mental health and well being of local people through the provision of regular support and social interaction.


Cleveland Police – Child Sexual Exploitation

Cleveland Police is committed to prevent child sexual abuse, helping victims and bringing offenders to justice. It is a crime that can affect any child, anytime, anywhere – regardless of their social or ethnic background.


Cleveland Police – General Advice for Victims of Crime

This page sets out what you can expect from the Criminal Justice System as a victim of crime. It contains information about organisations that you can contact for free advice, practical information or emotional support.


Cleveland Police – Improving Security and Community Safety

Crime prevention and community safety advice and guidance.



Cruse Bereavement Care is the leading national charity for bereaved people in England , Wales and Northern Ireland. They offer support and advice to children, young people and adults when someone dies and work to enhance society’s care of bereaved people.


Disability Hate Crime

Hate crimes and incidents come in many different forms. It can be because of hatred on the grounds of your race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or disability.

On this website, you can:

  • find out what hate crimes or hate incidents are.
  • find out about the ways you can report them.
  • report using the online form.
  • find information about people that can help and support you if you have been a victim.


Durham Constabulary – Child Sexual Exploitation

Durham Constabulary provide information on Child Sex Exploitation (CSE) to help victims, educate and raise awareness of this issue.


Durham Constabulary – General Advice for Victims of Crime

This page will provide you with information and advice for victims of crime provided by the Durham Constabulary. The information provided includes general information, victim personal statements, victim support, witness care unit, stalking and safeguarding.


Durham Constabulary – Improving Security and Community Safety

Advice available to prevent crime, improve security of property and promote personal safety.



EVA Women’s Aid supports women and children who are, or have been, victims of domestic abuse and/or sexual violence. EVA provides accommodation, individual support, advocacy, a range of programmes, support groups, activities, families work, outreach, Information/advice and volunteering opportunities.



Foundation provide support for families and individuals who reside in the Redcar and Cleveland area and have been affected by domestic violence.

Foundation delivers:

  • Independent Domestic Violence Advocate Service (IDVA) which is an outreach service that works with people who are at the highest risk of harm. From the point of crisis to the longer term goal of safety from harm.
  • Early Intervention Referral Project (EIR) focuses on preventative method. With a focus on working with GPs to support victims of domestic abuse within primary care settings to ensure early intervention.
  • Navigator is a pilot that offers both short and long term support for male and female victims of domestic abuse who have complex needs.
  • Sanctuary provides support to victims of domestic violence who would like to stay in their own home. Security measures can be put in place to ensure that they are safe but remain independent.


Friends Against Scams

Scams affect the lives of millions of people across the UK. People who are scammed often experience loneliness, shame and social isolation.

Friends Against Scams has been created to the lack of scams awareness by providing information about scams and those who fall victim to them. This information enables communities and organisations to understand scams, talk about scams and cascade messages throughout communities about scams prevention and protection.


Halo Project

The Halo Project Charity is a new and innovative project based in the North East of England, which supports victims of honour based violence and forced marriages by providing specialist support for victims and advice for agencies.



Harbour works with families and individuals in both Cleveland and Durham who have been affected by abuse from a partner, former partner or a family member. The services on offer include:

  • Women’s Refuge can give women and their children the security that they need, whilst they take the time they need to think about the changes they would like to make in their life. During this time Harbour can provide practical support with securing permanent housing and accessing legal and financial support.
  • Outreach Services offer advice and support out in the community. Harbour Support provide guidance and practical assistance to women and men who have been affected by an abusive relationship, either one to one, or in group sessions. This service includes: support with training and job hunting, advice about housing and support at court.
  • Children and Young People Service provides support for young people between the age of 3 and 17 who have been affected by domestic abuse. Harbour use therapeutic play, creative arts and talking as a method of support. It is a safe and confidential space for them to talk about their experiences and to be supported while they go through major changes in their lives.


Homicide Service

This service is offered to bereaved families providing practical and emotional support and assistance navigating the criminal justice system


Investing in People and Culture

Investing in People and Culture (IPC) is a registered charity that promotes the social inclusion of people who are seeking asylum, refugees, and emerging Black and Minority Ethnic communities who are marginalised on the grounds of their social and economic position.


Hart gables is a specialised charity that provides support to all those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexualand/or trans in the North East.

The service is provided by a team of qualified and diverse individuals who dedicate their time to ensuring that the local LGBT community has access to to a friendly and professional network.


Local Safeguarding Children Boards (Durham and Darlington)

Providing education and raising awareness of sexual exploitation. 


Local Safeguarding Children Boards (Teesside)

Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility and the Tees Local Safeguarding Children Boards bring together people who work with children and their families to ensure that the safety and welfare of children is at the heart of their work.


My Sisters Place

My Sisters Place is an independent specialist ‘One Stop Shop’ for women aged 16 or over have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence.  They deliver a range of services with a view to improving safety, access to justice and health and well-being of women and their children.


Police and Crime Commissioner – Cleveland

If you have been a victim of crime, information is provided to help you understand the route a crime will take and options which are available to assist you going forward.


Police Crime and Victim Commissioner – Durham

Advice and information regarding help for vulnerable people and victims of crime.


Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service (RSACC)

The centre offers free confidential counselling and support to women who have suffered any form of sexual violence.


Restorative Justice – Durham and Darlington

Restorative Justice is known to be highly valued by victims as it gives them a voice in the Criminal Justice process and a chance to get the answers or explanation they deserve. There is evidence that it helps victims to cope and recover from the impact of the crime and restores their peace of mind.



Restorative Justice – Cleveland

Restorative Justice (RJ) gives victims the chance to meet or communicate with their offenders to explain the real impact of the crime – it empowers victims by giving them a voice, it holds offenders to account for what they have done and helps them to take responsibility and make amends. The broader community can also benefit from this approach in terms of reducing the impact of re-offending.

Restorative Cleveland aims to assist in ensuring that every victim of crime has access to a high standard of Restorative Justice at any point in their criminal justice journey.


Sexual Assault Referral Centre – Cleveland

The SARC provides 24 hour crisis intervention and support 365 days a year, offering a sensitive and expert service to meet the needs of victims of rape and sexual assault.


The Meadows (Sexual Assault Referral Centre for Durham and Darlington)

The Meadows Sexual Assault Referral Centre aims to provide a sensitive and comprehensive service to residents of County Durham and Darlington who have experienced rape or sexual assault. This free service is available to both females and males.


Victim Contact Scheme

The probation Victim Contact Scheme has a legal duty to contact all individuals who are close to, a victim of a sexual or violent offence resulting in the offender being imprisoned for 12 months or more, or detained in hospital with restrictions on discharge.

If you wish to take up this service the victim liaison officer will provide you with information about the criminal justice system and keep you informed of key developments during the offender’s sentence.


Victim Helpline

If you are a victim of an offender or or are related to a victim of an offender and are worried about the prisoner’s release or have received unwanted contact from the prisoner, trained staff are available for you to speak to in confidence.


Witness Service

The Citizen Advice Witness service provides practical help, emotional support and information to witnesses so they feel valued, respected and informed and able to give their best evidence in court.