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Fraudulent and Nuisance Calls

We work in partnership with TrueCall who produce and sell Call Blockers. These devices help to reduce the amount of Fraudulent and Nuisance calls that you receive.

We currently own 72 Call Blockers which we have acquired through generous donations made by local community groups, BMS GeoEngineering Services ltd, Asda Southbank, Yarm Primary School, Redcar and Cleveland Trading Standards, Stockton Crime Prevention Panel and many individual donations.

We lend out the Call Blockers for a minimum of 12 weeks with the option to extend if the amount of calls you are receiving is still high. At the end of the lend period there is an option to buy the Call Blockers for a price of £110.

How do they work?

The Call Blockers are designed to create a barrier between the call line and your handset. If a call comes through an automated voice comes on stating:

If you are friends/family or an invited caller please press ‘9’ now, if you are a cold call please hang up and don’t call again”.

Many cold callers are unable to press the number ‘9’ on a handset as they simply do not have one as they operate from a computer screen. We are able to program phone numbers into the device meaning that they will be able to get straight through. Additionally, we can monitor how many calls have been blocked and keep you up to date.

Below is a quote we obtained from someone who has had one of our Call Blockers and how it’s changed his life:

“The call blocker has been a godsend. It’s made my life so much better. I was dreading the phone ringing and couldn’t cope with the sheer number of calls I was getting. Now if the phone rings, I know it will be someone who wants to speak to me or who I know.”

If you would be interested in more information then you can contact us on 0303 040 1099 or via email